The Big Relief

One thing that has been really stressing me out in the final stages of pregnancy is not knowing when she will be born.

Only 4% of babies are born on their due date and first babies are more likely to be late than early. I'm 36 weeks currently and the thought of being pregnant for another six weeks fills me with dread.

I am uncomfortable when I stand, sit, lie, walk - basically any movement is painful. I am still exercising - cycling for about 20 minutes each day and doing an all body weight workout 2-3 times a week.

I am really glad I have kept up my exercise during my pregnancy and adapted my training programme accordingly - I feel this has been beneficial not only for my physical health but massively for my mental health. Doing a Pre and Post Natal exercise qualification early on in my pregnancy has helped me a lot as it has given a great deal of knowledge that I otherwise would not have had.

My mental health is one of the main reasons I have chosen in to book in an induction at 39 weeks. I need to plan. I live to plan. If I don't have my weeks mapped out I feel out of control. Such a big life change as a baby, in my opinion, needs to be planned. I find it strange that we're just left to fate for when they are going to be born and we're expected to accept that they will "come out when they're ready". This can often lead women having to be induced / emergency c sections when they don't want them.

I feel a lot more in control being able to choose the day and method I give birth rather than leaving it to chance. I have always been open to how I give birth. I am under no illusions that your ideal birth plan probably will not happen and have always been open to having whatever is medically necessary in order that me and my baby are safe.

Too often the decisions about what happens to us in birth can become rushed and fraught in the heat of the moment especially if it isn't going to plan.

Knowing a date I will be induced allows me to plan my work / time off and manage client expectations and talk to them about when I may not be contactable rather than it all being up in the air.

I feel a lot more in control and for me that is so important.

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