Running two businesses - The one where you can't sleep

2.22 am Wednesday 18 August

I am approximately a month away from my due date and I feel I am running out of time.

Currently I am running two businesses and I don't feel I am able to dedicate enough time properly to either. I also have a third I want to get off the ground imminently.

I have my PT business which is new so I want to put lots of energy into it as I want to build a stable client base and I enjoy it. There is a lot of admin involved - booking people into PT slots, creating programmes for them and the face to face time of coaching them.

I am also running Buggyfit classes where I run exercise classes for parents, mainly mums, outdoors in parks in East London and they can bring along their babies. This is the one I need to crack. Currently I have one class in London Fields, that is doing well but I also run classes in Greenwich Park and Bartlett Park but I haven't seen as good a pick take there.

I need to a create a social media strategy with regular posting in order to gain organic growth as I paid for Facebook and Instagram marketing and although I got traffic to my website I didn't get many conversions.

I also have all the exercise videos that I have filmed for trimester two and trimester three which I need to edit - I have sent a late night text to my videographer to book in some time next week to go through this.

Then I have my PR business which I feel I am neglecting. I am not focussing enough on it as my PT business is all face to face and time heavy I am not finding enough time to slot in my PR clients.

I have moved some meetings around for the rest of the week so I can fit some time in but realistically I will need to work this weekend to break the back of it.

Then also comes the joy of having to slow down as I do only have four weeks or so until I give birth. However, I am in fact getting busier as I've just signed two new PR clients and potentially have a third one. This coupled with hospital appointments, NCT and birth plans I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Throw in acupuncture, massage and reflexology appointments to de-stress and relax me into being able to give birth on time I am jam packed.

Do I pause everything for the two weeks before I'm due for my own mental health and the two weeks after? I feel if I did that I would be more stressed as I would be backed up with work I felt I needed to do.

I do have two PT clients who are going on holiday at the same time so that gives me back four hours a week.

I have spent the last hour or so looking at my diary and seeing where I can potentially rearrange appointments in order to free up some blocks of time I can fit in my PR work.

I am also writing this blog which in itself is a cathartic process. I have always loved writing, I have a journalism degree, it is something I am going to make a regular weekly occurrence, at least, as not only does it help me mentally it is a great way to connect with others.

I Googled other day "self employed maternity leave" and I could only find two blog posts of mums writing about their experiences. Both were bloggers so I felt it came with the territory.

My blog is, albeit started rather late into my pregnancy, an honest account of running several businesses, being pregnant / having a baby and then the joy of running businesses while being a new mum.

I doubt I will be reinventing the wheel with the content I'm providing but it helps me process things and perhaps it will help others too. Do I feel better rereading this post? Slightly! Will I get back to sleep for a few hours before it's time to start a new day? Hopefully!

Any advice from self employed pregnant mums out there appreciated.

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