Pre Natal Training

Jennifer is a Level 3 specialist in Pre & Post Natal training and is also furthering her knowledge by studying the acclaimed Core Exercise Solutions Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist programme.

Jennifer is also currently pregnant, due in September 2021, which is why her interest for this area of fitness peaked. She realised there was a lot of information available about exercise during pregnancy but it is hard to decipher what is safe and what is not and what works best for the individual.

Jennifer works with the principles advised by the Royal College of Gynaecologists as well as working with individuals and their fitness needs to create bespoke fitness programmes.

She will soon be launching an online exercise library and workouts for members to guide them through exercise during pregnancy that is trimester specific.


Post Natal Training

There is no one size fits all programme for exercising once you have had your baby. Some mothers will want to exercise right away others will take more time, both are completely normal.

Jennifer works with each individual to find a time that is right for them and their experience with childbirth. She will be able to help with diastasis recti and pelvic floor strengthening as well as an in depth personalised programme.

Jennifer is available to train online or face to face, whichever is preferred.



Having had three miscarriages herself Jennifer can empathise with those going through this.

She found in her experience that she wanted to resume exercise relatively quickly in order to gain back control of her body which she felt had let her down.

She found great solace through exercise and is able to work with those who have experienced this tragic loss in an empathetic and understanding way.

Not enough people speak openly about miscarriages, with one in four pregnancies ending in miscarriage this a common occurrence. There is a lot of shame and pain around them especially when it is so hard to define why they happened. 

Jennifer hopes that by creating dedicated fitness programmes for those who have been through this, drawing on her own lived experiences and what helped her after she had hers, that she is able to help women at this difficult time through exercise.