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At 13 Fit we specialise in fitness for women coaching you through all stages of life.

We work with all age ranges and abilities of women and have developed specialist programmes for key physical stages of a woman's life

Many women do not realise that their menstrual cycle plays such a key part in their energy levels and strength regimes and as such we have developed fitness programmes to ensure optimum performance at every stage of the cycle.

We are specialists in Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercise ensuring you are exercising safely. We have developed an online programme specifically for this as well as offering one on one training and personalised plans.

We offer bespoke programmes for women who have experienced a miscarriage. Our founder Jennifer Sutcliffe has personally had three miscarriages and has created programmes through her own personal experience as she found solace in exercise and regaining control of her body when she felt it had let her down.

The menopause and perimenopausal stages of a women's life also bring different challenges to exercise and we have developed programmes to work to your specific needs.

Bespoke programmes are also available following an in depth consultation to find out what makes you tick and what you want out of your new fitness regime.

We're excited to work with you on your new fitness journey.

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Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Stunning Results

It’s been so motivating to have Jennifer as a PT throughout lockdown. Her varied workouts have made it easy to stay dedicated, getting me back into fitness and working it easily into my daily routine. Thanks to Jennifer, I’ve noticed a positive change in my body definition - I’ve even discovered muscles I didn’t know existed!


I have been training with Jennifer twice a week since March 2020, my goals were to be fitter and stronger and I can certainly say that we have reached these goals, and we continue to train together twice a week to maintain my weight and to stay strong and healthy!

No training session is the same and each week I get to work all areas of my body for overall fitness.

Jennifer is super fun to train with and makes sure you are working as hard as you can to reach your goals! I would highly recommend getting on board with Jennifer!


Jennifer started training me after my first baby and is training me though my second pregnancy. She’s really helped me maintain the fitness levels I wanted though both, essential for my mental health..... as well as much as it is for my physical health and appearance. Would highly recommend!



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